Data storage that makes sense.

Data growth and storage is one of the most significant challenges for organizations today. The volume of data that we store, administer, and protect increases every single day — along with the costs and headaches of managing it.

Studies have shown that over its lifetime, managing and storing data effectively can cost a significant 3 to 10 times what it costs to generate, factoring in the costs derived from data growth’s impact on systems performance and organizational governance.

The proliferation of unmanaged, stale, or duplicate data; the retention of additional data for analysis; increasing pressure for high availability and constant access to data; regulatory compliance; and security requirements are all contributing factors to the substantial growth in data volume.

Using the Cloud for data storage.

As the Cloud has grown in popularity over the last decade, more organizations are adopting as a place to store data. Some of the benefits of utilizing cloud storage solutions over traditional on-premise data storage solutions include:

  • Cost Savings – Cloud storage can reduce or eliminate capital expenses for the procurement, deployment, management, support, and real-estate required for physical on-premise or data center storage solutions.
  • Data Retention – Cloud storage can appease data retention policies for less money and overall hassle. Using cloud storage can force you to think and plan more carefully about which types of data should be retained vs. destroyed.
  • Security – Storing critical or sensitive data in the Cloud can often be more secure than storing it locally or on-premise. Most online storage services use data encryption both during transmission and at rest, ensuring that no unauthorized users can access and retrieve your data.
  • On-the-Fly Capacity and Scale – If you need additional data storage capacity, provisioning is only a click away, which is far less expensive and labor intense than purchasing more physical storage devices and deploying on-premise or within a data center.
  • Indexing, Search, and Retrieval Functionalities – With some cloud storage solutions, data search and retrieval is simple and fast. This is great for practices such as eDiscovery and other data archive and retrieval compliance regulations imposed in some industries.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – Using cloud storage as a form of backup means it is already being protected, and should you experience the unfortunate scenario of a disaster or data loss event, you have the ability to recover your data in the Cloud.

Hilltop’s cloud storage solutions.

Hilltop Consultants is a leading Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) that has delivered expert cloud storage and data capacity management services for small businesses and enterprises for over a decade.

Understanding budgeting for the acquisition of additional data storage is not always easy to justify and obtain, Hilltop has carefully selected the cloud storage solutions providers and partners that we feel offer the most value and opportunity for our clients.

Some of the cloud storage solutions that we provide and support include:

Where will Hilltop store our data?

Just as we do not intend to build our own Cloud, we do not build (or have any likely intentions of building) our own cloud storage platform. We offer solutions that exploit the technologies and infrastructure of the world’s best-in-class solutions.

As your trusted IT advisor and partner, Hilltop helps you choose the right cloud storage solution(s) that make sense for your IT and data management objectives – not sell you a makeshift in-house solution as do many other MSPs.

And yes, while in some cases it may be possible for you to go direct to the same cloud storage solution providers that we partner with, in doing so you’ll miss out on having access to our deep experience and certified expertise that allows us to provide world-class day-to-day support, management, consulting, and deployment of these particular solutions and technologies for many organizations.

Looking for the best cloud storage solutions in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia or Atlanta? Contact our expert cloud storage solutions team today: 1 (877) 365 8324.