Keeping your cloud secure and compliant.

Ever increasing cloud adoption brings new challenges, particularly with IT security and risk. While the Cloud provides the great advantages of scalability, reduced costs, anywhere access to data, and the ability to focus IT efforts on strategy and mission-critical initiatives rather than day-to-day issues, every cloud benefit has an associated risk.

Organizations often expose themselves to risk by failing to perform the necessary due diligence in terms of IT security and cloud risk management expertise before moving to the Cloud. Loss of data and other critical information could negatively impact your business, with deep financial losses and unrecoverable damage to brand reputation.

Hilltop can quickly deploy and easily manage certified cloud security solutions with the level of security and compliance that meets the demands and expectations of both your leadership and clients.

Cloud security is compulsory, not optional.

Hilltop’s cloud security solutions.

Hilltop Consultants is a leading Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) that has delivered expert cloud security services, solutions, and consulting for small businesses and large enterprises for over a decade.

Some cloud security services and solutions we provide include:

  • Cloud Security Consulting and Strategy
  • Cloud Risk Assessments
  • Cloud Security Solutions and Tools
  • Cloud Security Architecture and Design
  • 24x7 Cloud Security Monitoring and Incident Response
  • Cloud Deployment Model Evaluations (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, BPaaS, etc.)
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Cloud Quality Assurance

Cloud risk management and planning.

One of the most significant security risks associated with the Cloud is the tendency for users to bypass IT standards and protocols. If users decide that company provided apps and tools are no longer adequate, they find other ways of obtaining the tools they need, often using free and insecure third-party solutions that touch or plug into your network – thus bringing additional security risks to your organization.

With increasing extensions of the Cloud driving new policies into the workplace such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), risk managers must have a deep understanding of what cloud computing is and how it affects them across a technological landscape much larger than their networks and clouds.

Risk managers also need to keep in mind that data privacy and security responsibilities begin internally before continuing into the Cloud. Vital security controls can be overlooked if security responsibilities between the organization and the cloud provider are not fully understood.

Don’t fall victim to Cloud complacency.

With every cloud service provider boasting extreme degrees of platform security, and our increasing level of ‘cloud comfortability,’ businesses must not become complacent and rely solely on the ‘security’ of their provider.

Cloud service providers offer infrastructure and services in a similar manner as utility companies. They provide you with a platform of applications, services and tools – in most cases offering security on the base elements of their platforms, leaving you to manage the security and risk of your critical data and configurations.

Also, consider that you do not always know the exact type of kind of hardware that your data is stored on (you’ll never lay eyes on this infrastructure), nor do you know the exact location of where your data is stored. Essentially, it’s up to you — not the cloud service provider — to keep your data safe, secure and compliant.

Hilltop can help ensure the security of your data, drawing on our deep experience and expertise delivering cloud security services to small businesses and enterprises for over a decade.

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