Being reactive or complacent could cost you everything.

Businesses that experience major loss of critical data almost never recover. Most IT managers today take precautions such as implementing a data backup solution; however data recovery is just one of many considerations when it comes to disaster planning and implementing a business continuity strategy.

Disaster planning is extremely important, as demonstrated by some recent stats:

  • 7 of 10 small businesses go out of business within one year due to data loss.
  • Companies unable to bounce back within 10 days are unlikely to survive.
  • 93% of businesses that had data center outages lasting 10 days or more ended up filing for bankruptcy within one year.
  • 20% of small to medium-sized businesses will suffer a major disaster causing loss of critical data every 5 years.

Every business needs a Continuity Plan.

Businesses need contingency plans in place to ensure minimal service interruption and continuation of services until primary systems are back online in the unfortunate event of a disaster or prolonged service interruption.

Does your business have a data and systems fail-over procedure? Has system fail-over been recently tested? Are staff able to access their primary place of work? How will network users access their data and business productivity applications? Does staff know where to find the disaster planning handbook? These are just a fraction of important considerations to make before any disaster event takes place.

Hilltop Consultants is a leading Managed Services Provider (MSP) with deep expertise in helping businesses develop long-term Business Continuity Planning (BCP) processes and strategies. Our BCP experts can help you with business continuity planning modeling and analysis, solutions design, redundant systems design, redundant premises procurement, plan implementation, testing, and documentation preparation.

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