Ready to virtualize your business? (It’s greener too.)

Server & Desktop Virtualization - Hilltop Consultants, Inc.

Is your organization seeking to drive down IT costs while increasing overall efficiency? Server and desktop virtualization can drastically reduce operational IT costs while helping you consolidate your IT infrastructure and increase IT efficiency and management processes.

Benefits of server virtualization.

Reducing infrastructure costs is one of the biggest and most obvious benefits of server virtualization. Less hardware is required, so rather than deploying a new server for each of your individual applications, dozens of virtual servers can co-reside on the same server.

For example, if you wanted to consolidate your physical server footprint, server virtualization gives you the ability to ‘image’ some of your physical servers and deploy them as ‘virtual servers’ on a single physical server. In this case, virtualization could result in the removal of physical servers from your server room or data center, bringing you huge cost savings in server parts, hardware maintenance, reduced energy consumption, and lower cooling costs.

Going ‘thin.’

Desktop virtualization offers similar benefits as server virtualization, but as its name suggests, it virtualizes your desktop computing environment. Deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure has many other advantages outside of pure cost savings, such as back-office resource centralization. Also known as ‘going thin,’ desktop virtualization eliminates physical desktop support and maintenance tasks and provides a secure and flexible way to deploy and manage desktops and their applications across your entire network.

Hilltop offers virtualization assistance and support in the form of:

  • Virtualization Assessment Services
  • Virtual Server Implementation Services
  • Virtual Server Migration Services
  • Virtual Server Hosting Services
  • VMware Support Services
  • Citrix Support Services
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Support Services
  • OpenStack Support Services

As a leading IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) with over a decade of experience in IT strategy and IT project management, Hilltop Consultants does more than just help you virtualize your physical computing assets. Our certified technical teams work closely with you to understand your business goals and objectives, leveraging our expertise with server and desktop virtualization to help you choose the most efficient and cost-effective solutions and paths for your organization’s unique requirements.

Need assistance with virtualizing some of your physical IT assets? Feel free to contact our certified desktop and server virtualization team today: 1 (877) 365 8324.