Canning the Spam.

Unsolicited, “junk” email—or spam—is the leading cause of computer malware infections, network and security breaches, scams, and intellectual capital fraud.

Infected attachments, phishing emails, and other harmful and annoying communications arrive in our inboxes on a minute-by-minute basis. Spam accounts for approximately 7.5 out of every 10 emails received.

Spam is also a huge productivity killer. If an employee takes an average of 6 seconds to open, identify, and delete a spam email message, an organization with 80 employees receiving 10 spam messages per day will lose over 20 days of productivity every year.

Spam should be taken seriously.

Without effective anti-spam protection and network security in place, you are inviting your network and users to become overrun and infected by spam. More importantly, you are exposing your organization to malicious activities that could halt business operations or possibly even bring them to an unrecoverable state.

You also have a legal responsibility to protect employees from offensive content. If derogatory, pornographic, profane, racist, or otherwise offensive spam reaches an employee, your organization could be susceptible to litigation and unwanted, negative media coverage.

Hilltop can help you configure and deploy powerful anti-spam agents, filters, and email security tools that help you effectively handle spam and protect your business.

Some features of our email anti-spam and filtering services include:

  • Pre-Perimeter Spam Defense (filtering spam before it hits your network)
  • Protection from Email-Borne Viruses and Malware (inbound and outbound)
  • Phishing Email Protection
  • Restoration of User Productivity Lost to Spam Interruption and Inbox Housekeeping
  • State-Of-The-Art Message Body Screening and URL Filtering
  • Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Exchange® Integration
  • Lots of Filtering, Rule-Sets, and Extended Configuration Options
  • On-Premise or Cloud-based Anti-Spam Solutions
  • Affordable, Flat-Rate Pricing
Are you looking for business-grade email anti-spam filtering protection? Feel free to contact one of our certified email anti-spam experts today: 1 (877) 365 8324.