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If you are planning or are already in the process of rolling out a business critical IT initiative, success or failure can rely heavily upon the experience and technical aptitude of your project lead. Project management is not just about ensuring the technical requirements of your project are met; you must make sure the project runs seamlessly, that all project teams, stakeholders, and vendors work cohesively together, and that your project is completed and delivered on time and within budget

For these reasons, even organizations with highly capable staff often choose to outsource their IT project management tasks to Hilltop, a certified and dedicated IT partner.

Hilltop Consultants is a leading IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) with over a decade of experience in delivering world-class technical project management assistance to a wide range of organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Best practice based IT project management leadership.

Some of the features and benefits of our IT project management services include:

Hilltop can take the pressure off your busy IT staff and help you increase your chances of project success. Our certified virtual CIOs, CTOs, program managers, and IT project management specialists are ready to assist you either as part of your IT team or as strategic consultants who help oversee your entire project from design and inception to final testing, implementation, and deployment.

If you need help from our highly experienced IT project management specialists and virtual CIO’s, please contact our certified technical project management team today: 1 (877) 365 8324.