We are delighted to announce the redesign and re-launch of the Hilltop Consultants Website!

It was a project that was long overdue and we felt that we owed it to our customers (and ourselves) to put the “right face” on Hilltop – one that truly reflects who we are and what we do. As many of you may know re-thinking and re-designing your corporate website the right way requires countless hours of thought, conceptualization, design and development time. We are truly grateful to our in-house Web and Marketing teams led by Dan Clarke our VP of Marketing, Business Development & Web Services. They give the term “burning the midnight oil” a whole new definition!

One of the driving forces behind our redesign is to help our customers easily understand the services and solutions that we offer that serves to protect your precious data; help streamline your business operations and enhance productivity; and ultimately help you take advantage of technology solutions that we know can save you money by helping you reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs.

What’s New?

Besides our more professional appearance, we’ve taken the time to now include a whole range of stories, services and solutions that you probably didn’t even know that we do. Here are a few pages you should check out:

You may also want to check out our Professional Services section to see some of the other cool solutions that we are providing to our customers such as: Virtual CIO services, Web Design & Development, Marketing Services, eDiscovery & Litigation Support, and more.

What’s Coming?

Well, we have quite a few additional enhancements in the works. The one most worthy of note at this time is the upcoming launch of our new Hilltop InSight eNewsletter. Unlike other eNewsletters that clutter your inbox, our newsletter will be 100% client focused with news and topics that resonate and add value.

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement and we hope you enjoy the new website. Please also be sure to let us know of you have any issues viewing or accessing any of our content.

Hilltop Marketing Team