Hilltop Quoted w/ Datto re. Business Continuity (Channelnomics)


Business continuity services are needed in security, Jim Turner, CEO of Datto partner Hilltop Consultants, has told Channelnomics.

Turner named Cryptolocker as one of the biggest threats to his clients' security, saying it and other similar data damaging cyber attacks call for business continuity.

"Despite the best firewalls, the antivirus purchase and Kaspersky having some capabilities, we're still relying on our business continuity services to restore the data when something goes wrong," Turner told Channelnomics. "You can't just approach it thinking you're going to kick the bad guys out. You need to have a plan in place as to what you're going to do when they inevitably get in."

The comments were made in relation to Datto's Tuesday announcement of its Datto Networking Appliance Router, Backupify for Office 365, Datto Linux Agent and file sync and share in conjunction with ownCloud.

According to Turner, these offerings imply reputation savers for channel partners..

"It helps my reputation because no matter what happens to a client's server, whether it's a security-related issue such as Crypolocker, a hardware problem or a disgruntled employee, I know that I can restore the data, the applications and all system information in a matter of minutes, which means it doesn't cost me significantly more to recover an entire environment. This means I can maintain my predictable pricing for my clients," he explained.


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