Hilltop Consultants - Telecom Assessments now included in Managed IT Services Portfolio

April 4, 2016 - Hilltop Consultants is proud to be adding Telecom Assessments to our Managed Services Portfolio.

This new service offering provides all Hilltop Consultants Managed Services clients with an annual review of the agreements they hold with their telecommunications service providers. Navigating the telecommunications market and staying on top of changes, trends and acquisitions has proven to be especially challenging in this dynamic industry. The landscape is becoming more complex, and the many changes can leave customers paying the price with few options and unreasonably high bills.

By providing annual Telecom Assessments, Hilltop Consultants will help keep clients informed of industry changes and offer advice on dealing with telecom service providers. Through analysis and review of clients’ existing agreements with their telecommunications providers, Hilltop Account Managers can help navigate the industry to ensure clients are selecting optimal solutions and can make cost savings recommendations.

The decision to add this service came after recent two announcements from the industry’s largest service providers, Windstream and Verizon. As of January 1, 2016, Windstream officially closed its doors to any customer with an account under $1,500. Affected customers were left with the option to find another provider on very short notice, or increase their bills to hit the $1,500 threshold. The second announcement came last month from Verizon. After months of speculation, Verizon announced that it will acquire XO Communications, a fiber-based IP and Ethernet network. The industry is still waiting to hear exactly what that means for current XO Communications’ customers.

These events highlight the fluid nature of the industry, and illustrate how telecom providers can make their customers uneasy about what these actions mean for their businesses. Hilltop Consultants is ready to help interpret industry changes and advise Managed Services clients on how to move their businesses into the future as the telecommunications industry moves ahead.

If you have any questions about your current telecommunications agreements or if you are interested in receiving a Telecom Assessment, please contact your Account Manager today.