Hilltop Consultants Ranked #125 Globally on the MSP 501 List

Each year, managed IT services providers across the globe have the opportunity to be placed amongst their peers to the Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings list. This comprehensive survey evaluates its entrants on their overall business growth and ability to adapt to an ever-changing IT environment. The award not only provides businesses with a sense of achievement, but it offers a gauge of how they stand in relation to their competitors.

The MSP 501 results for 2018 were recently published, and Hilltop is happy to announce that it took the 125th spot on the list — a noteworthy leap of 33 places compared to 2017. Such an improvement, compounded with the 44-place jump from 2016-2017, shows that Hilltop is moving in the right direction!

According to Channel Futures Content Director, Kris Blackmon, “This year’s applicant pool was the largest and most diverse in the history of the survey, and our winners represent the health and progress of the managed services market.”

Thank you to our amazing Washington, DC, Atlanta, and our remote staff for helping us continue to grow and move up the global MSP rankings. It is this measurable feedback that motivates Hilltop to continue to deliver exceptional support and services to our clients!