Thoughts on the 12-year anniversary of Hilltop Consultants.

On May 1, 2003, I started Hilltop Consultants, Inc. with my wife Maria. I was providing service to small clients that were willing to take a chance on my fledgling company. Back in those days, Hilltop Consultants did things a little differently. I would ride my bike between clients responding to calls about broken computers, while Maria worked from home managing the business. Things have changed dramatically in the past 12 years.

Hilltop Consultants now has 30 employees and significant office space on Connecticut Ave. We support well hundreds of businesses with thousands of computer users every month. Each month these businesses submit an average of a few thousand help desk tickets. As the size and sophistication of our client base has grown, so have the systems we use to manage and support our clients.

Whereas in the beginning, I was the only consultant supporting clients, we now have a fully staffed 24/7 helpdesk to help our clients. We also have a team of account and project managers. Having this team has forced me to learn how to be a leader, not just a consultant or technician. Sometimes I feel like managing the employer/employee relationships is just as challenging as managing technology for our clients. However challenging it is to manage the team, it is worth it. I take pride in the accomplishments and milestones of each employee. I have attended weddings, celebrated births, sent flowers to funerals. I have also rejoiced as junior consultants grow within the company, and even when consultants achieve industry certifications.

While much has changed over the past 12 years, many things have stayed the same. My clients can still call me on my cell phone when they need me. I still check to make sure that all clients are working properly before I go to bed, and I still check my email as soon as I wake up. I know that I have a 24/7 team keeping an eye on everything. However, I still take it personally when a client has an issue.

I am grateful every day for the trust that our clients put in me, and the rest of the Hilltop Consultants team. Tonight the Hilltop Consultants team is going to have a small get together in our conference room. While we are there, we shall raise a glass to our clients that have made our success possible.

With sincere thanks,
Jim Turner

Hilltop Consultants, Inc.