Datto Interview with Jim Turner (Nov. 2015)


"Let’s look at the example of a law firm, as they are one of Hilltop’s main industry verticals. Many of our legal clients have an approximate bill rate of $500 an hour. Of course this can vary from region to region, but no matter where you go, attorneys are not cheap.

If you’re a firm with 10 attorneys, all billing at $500 an hour, and you have an hour of downtime, that’s $5,000 an hour that they are not billing clients. And that’s without even considering the potential costs of losing a client, or being sued if you lose a document, miss a filing, etc. Looking at the costs associated with lost productivity alone, using this logic with decision-makers and gaining consensus should be a no-brainer. Don’t talk to the client as if this is a nice-to-have solution. BDR solutions are something your client needs to protect their revenue – and their reputation."


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