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If your Washington DC business needs fast, easy, and effective help desk solutions, Hilltop Consultants has an answer. Whether you need full-time help desk coverage, a redesign of your ticketing system, or coverage during an absence, our IT service desk solutions technicians can troubleshoot, remediate, and keep your business up and running.

Get More for Your Help Desk Services Dollar

Many businesses don’t have the budget to keep full-time help desk pros on staff. Let Hilltop take over your help desk services, and get better service at a lower cost. We provide:

  • Faster response times and more accurate problem-solving from certified IT pros.
  • Established hardware and software vendor relationships that can reduce costs for you.
  • Less downtime and fewer disruptions to revenue thanks to our more effective help desk solutions.
  • Long-term fixes for ongoing problems — no more paying again and again to fix the same issues.

Feel Confident When Experts Are on the Job

Small businesses usually have few, if any, IT professionals on staff. Even in large enterprises, many IT teams have skills gaps because demand for IT workers outstrips supply. With Hilltop, you can:

  • Access IT help desk services in Washington, D.C., from certified IT professionals without hiring new staff.
  • Get extra help during special situations, such as during mergers and acquisitions, when key employees go on leave, when you need assistance with litigation or e-discovery, or after severe weather or other disasters.
  • Launch into new technologies that can improve your business, like cloud services and internet telephony.
  • Get assistance with big-picture projects, such as designing backup plans and disaster recovery solutions, and training for your in-house IT teams.

Get Fast, Customer-Centered Service From Your Help Desk

Hilltop’s customer-focused, ITIL-based approach means timely help desk solutions that get your employees back to work quickly. It also means friendly, effective service and real answers for IT challenges.

  • Solutions the first time you call, with average hold times of less than one minute.
  • Tiered service level agreements (SLA) for multiple locations, both in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Timely escalation and remediation for more complex IT challenges.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for viewing the status of every help desk ticket.

Transition to Managed Services

Many companies that hire Hilltop for Washington, D.C. help desk services are so satisfied that they start transitioning to managed IT services. Outsourcing some or all of your IT services, including the help desk, to a local team of experts can generate significant value for your business.

  • Faster implementation of new technologies, such as mobility and cloud.
  • Expertise in crucial areas, like security and regulatory compliance, that can strengthen your entire IT operation.
  • Around-the-clock assistance during emergencies, outages, or security incidents.
  • Insights related to business continuity, disaster recovery, and risk management to prevent problems, minimize downtime, and protect crucial assets.

The Hilltop Advantage

At Hilltop, we combine the in-depth expertise of large IT firms with the personal touch and customer service excellence you only get from a smaller firm. Instead of calling a major vendor and waiting hours or even days for IT help desk services in Washington DC, get help from team members who are just a train ride away.

We partner with vendors like Cisco, Dell, VMware, and Microsoft, providing help desk services for their hardware and applications. Our team of certified professionals can help you troubleshoot, remediate, and (when needed) replace legacy solutions without breaking your IT budget.

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Give us a call at 877-365-8324 to find out how we can help your business. Discover the speed, convenience, and service our Washington DC help desk solutions professionals can provide. Contact Hilltop Consultants today.