Managed Cloud Services in Washington, DC

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Do you want the scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud without the day-to-day headaches? Managed cloud services from Hilltop Consultants can help. Whether you’re looking to move critical applications into a cloud environment, tap cloud resources for business continuity, or deploy a hybrid cloud solution, you can rely on our experienced cloud services professionals every step of the way.

Most business management teams and IT professionals know the benefits of cloud computing, but they don’t always have the expertise to get started, troubleshoot their clouds, or ensure 24/7 availability. At Hilltop, we understand that every business in Washington DC has unique managed cloud solutions requirements. With Hilltop, you can get all the benefits of the cloud, managed by seasoned and experienced cloud professionals.

Secure, Compliant Configuration and Deployment

If you have a government contract or work in a highly regulated industry, your cloud services have to comply with specific policies and regulations. With Hilltop, you can stay compliant and still get top performance from your cloud services.

  • Infrastructure and platform. We’ll help you configure a secure cloud infrastructure, development environments, and hosting for your business-critical applications. Whether you’re operating primarily from cloud services or using cloud for backup, we can help.
  • Applications. Whether you’re collaborating with Office 365 or using other software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, we’ll help you get more productivity and less downtime from the applications you use most.
  • Data security. We’ll help you avoid costly regulatory fines and data breaches by keeping data and applications secure in the cloud through our cloud security solutions.
  • Performance. Our Washington DC managed cloud services professionals will configure cloud deployments to maximize your uptime, minimize latency, and ensure scalability and resilience.

With Hilltop’s managed cloud solutions, Washington DC businesses can deploy cloud infrastructure and cloud-hosted applications faster and more productively. We’ll help you get your applications to market faster and deploy cloud workloads more efficiently.

Get More Expertise While Spending Less

Managing your own cloud can mean adding a lot of new people to your payroll: cloud architects, DevOps, and cloud-support technicians, to name a few. With Hilltop managed cloud services, D.C.-area businesses can tap into the professional experience and training of our cloud services pros, all for a much lower cost.

  • Cloud management. Let us monitor and optimize your cloud performance for you, whether you’re using public or private hybrid cloud solutions. Instead of paying to keep someone on the payroll, pay a lot less to access management services when you need them.
  • OS and application services. We’ll handle licensing, assist with deployment, and provide coding support when you need it. Let us help manage both new and legacy applications, and let us help you code and deploy APIs.
  • Security. In addition to periodic security audits, you get 24/7 monitoring and support. Catch incidents and respond quickly and effectively — without adding security to your payroll.
  • Maintenance. Spin up new VMs quickly, balance workloads, and avoid VM sprawl thanks to monitoring and maintenance from Hilltop Consultants.

More Productivity, Fewer Hassles

In addition to the technical know-how and experience you get from Hilltop Consultants, our Washington DC managed cloud solutions include user support and vendor management assistance. Instead of troubleshooting every cloud configuration or support issue, let our IT professionals handle it. Let us take on the job of dealing with your vendors and putting together solutions that work.

Let Us Provide Cloud Services Today

No matter where you are in your cloud transition, Hilltop stands ready to assist. We can help with one-time cloud projects, long-term managed services, and strategic business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Let us figure out how to get more from your cloud services for less. Give employees, business partners, and customers a more satisfying user experience. Shield your business against risk, and scale to new heights of productivity and collaboration.

To get started with same-day service with Hilltop Consultants’ managed cloud services, call us or fill out our web form.