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Nothing motivates progress like a vision for achieving greatness, but having a vision isn’t always enough. Most business owners need support for navigating the complex world of IT technology, architecture, configuration, and maintenance.

Hilltop Consultants delivers Atlanta IT consulting services for businesses of all sizes, throughout the Atlanta metro area. We’re local leaders in Atlanta IT strategy consulting, and we’re ready to help you fulfill your business vision.

For Those Who Know IT — And Those Who Don’t

Many of the companies we help have some IT workers. They may even have a network administrator, systems admin, or CIO. Even so, they may not have enough personnel to tackle major projects. Our Atlanta IT strategy services include assistance with both one-time projects and ongoing tasks, such as:

  • Deploying new collaboration software, such as Office 365 or Google Apps
  • Making configuration updates as a result of compliance or security audits
  • Deciding when and how to upgrade network hardware or applications
  • Virtualizing servers and moving assets into the cloud
  • Deploying IP telephony solutions
  • Handling help desk requests and ticketing
  • Performing security audits and upgrades

No IT Knowledge? No Problem!

Not every business has the resources for in-house IT staff, and many small-business owners aren’t trained to handle IT problems on their own. Our Atlanta IT consulting services can demystify IT for growing businesses:

  • Evaluate new equipment purchases and build a network that can scale as your business expands.
  • Handle routine help desk inquiries and equipment repairs, even for multi-branch businesses.
  • Assess network configurations and security for businesses operating under regulations like PCI DSS or HIPAA.
  • Develop data backup and disaster recovery services to restore service after severe weather or other disasters.
  • Improve network performance to prevent downtime and provide 24/7 access to employees and customers.
  • Investigate new technologies, such as cloud services, mobile, or IP telephony, and develop a plan for their implementation.
  • Recover from a data breach or security incident, such as downloaded malware or a DDoS attack.

More IT at a Lower Cost

IT employees are in big demand, and they’re also in short supply. It can take six months to a year to fill open IT job positions, and it becomes costly to recruit, interview, onboard, and retain those workers. Maintaining an IT staff means compensating them well; after all, they’re in high demand. It also means paying for certifications and continuing education, expenses that can add up for the small-business owner.

Hilltop’s Atlanta IT strategy consulting services help you get IT without adding IT on your payroll:

  • IT becomes predictable monthly operating expense.
  • You receive continuous service according to your service-level agreement (SLA); no worrying about employee absences or gaps in coverage.
  • You gain access to technologies like cloud computing without having to keep a cloud computing expert on staff.
  • You get IT support around the clock without having to hire workers for second and third shifts.
  • No overtaxed in-house staff handling emergency issues.
  • We’ll handle upgrading and patching software.

Our Atlanta IT strategy services will help you develop an IT plan and an SLA that fits your budget.

The Future of IT, Your Way

You shouldn’t just plan for the IT you need now. You should look down the road to anticipate how your IT needs could evolve. Your company is growing, and technology is changing like never before. Our Atlanta IT strategy consulting can help you get ahead of these changes.

Even when your IT systems aren’t working for you, you don’t immediately have to purchase every piece of IT hardware, software, and service that you’ll use for the next 10 years. Let Hilltop’s Atlanta IT strategy consulting help you grow your IT incrementally in a way that fits your business priorities and budget.

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