What really makes Hilltop different?

There are many aspects of our service approach and business philosophy that makes Hilltop very different from other MSP's and professional services companies. Below are just a few examples of why organizations choose us:

  • We are a professional company that you can count on, and if something goes wrong you can always reach us.
  • We’re all about relationships – every client is our most important client.
  • We speak to you in plain English. We simplify where others over-complicate.
  • We’re fast, we’re local, we’re same day, we’re onsite, and we’re 24/7 (we really are all these things).
  • We design and implement solutions that help your bottom line.
  • We do smart not pretty (well, we do pretty sometimes).
  • We work with intensity and urgency.
  • We have balance (geeks and non-geeks), and we're still small enough to have that personal touch.
  • We’re always in touch with the latest technology.
  • We offer more than just your average MSP or IT support.
  • We REALLY have predictable billing where competitors claim to. For Hilltop flat-rate is FLAT-RATE.
  • We’re R.E.A.L.

And… we think that one of the most compelling reasons why to choose Hilltop is that we will never stop striving to earn and keep your trust in us. We want to become, and be seen, as your partner — offering you strategic advice that helps to drive your business forward, while our teams working tirelessly to eliminate IT issues and the pains and costs associated with system downtime.

Our dedicated staff loves seeing our clients succeed. Your success is our success, and as you grow, we grow.

"In a world where everything is virtual, it’s nice to have a real partner."
-Jim Turner, CEO