"A few months ago I dropped my laptop on the floor as I was leaving a client's office. I could not boot the computer anymore and was sure that I had destroyed the hard drive. It was almost 8 PM and although I know many players in Jim's industry, I instinctively thought of Jim with whom I did not have a service contract at the time. By the time I made it to his Bethesda office, he had wrapped dinner with his family and personally made it to the office waiting for me. He quickly rectified the situation for me and also set me up with a very reliable and cost effective online backup service. This personal experience aside I have observed Jim and his staff putting enormous amount of time, expertise and care when working with other new prospective clients. In other occasions I had to interview a large number of his existing and very satisfied clients before making a recommendation to one of my clients. He has a very caring long term perspective and I highly recommend his company to any company looking to improve the quality of service they are getting from their IT provider."

–M.A (Consultant, Bethesda, MD)

"Hilltop has been the computer consultant for our business network for several years, we are extremely pleased with the rapid response we receive when we are having any computer problems and how proactive they are in keeping our network up and running."

–J.S (Real Estate Firm, Bethesda, MD)

"I was introduced to Jim Turner and Hilltop Consultants through a co-worker ... I have never looked back. Jim is personable, is a total can do person, and has incredible energy. What I know about computers begins and ends with the on/off switch ... Jim and his very capable staff ... have consoled, advised, and supported me through several repairs, installation of software, and the purchase of a couple of computers. I have never been disappointed and I cannot recommend Jim Turner highly enough."

–M.C.C (Law Firm, Bethesda, MD)