"After several years of bouncing from IT company to IT company, it was refreshing to find Hilltop and enter into such a wonderful business relationship with a company that truly knows their stuff! We can't thank Hilltop enough."

–M.K (Consulting Firm, Alexandria, VA)

"The new back-up and expanded memory in the server are working as promised. As always, pricing was dead on and the guys were able to install and implement without any disruption. Nice to know that over 15 or so plus years we've known each other and as both of our practices have grown and flourished, you've always managed to give us that personal attention and prompt service; whether something as simple as troubleshooting a minor problem to completely updating/replacing our server to helping us plan for the future by anticipating needs and avoiding potential future issues and costs."

–J.C (Law Firm, Washington, DC)

"We finally decided to move to another provider, and I looked at a number of companies. In the end it came down to the two biggest. The final decision was mine: It was based on attention to detail, understanding our needs, being frank and honest about the level of support we needed; and having a plan tailored to our needs. Jim and his team could not have been better. They stepped into the breach. There were more bumps in the road than there was road. They dealt with four offices spread between London and San Francisco and quickly set about the task of making things right. I've never looked back; I've never regretted my decision. When they say 24/7, that's what they mean. They approach our challenges with a degree of professionalism and maturity and experience that you can only hope to have in an IT consultant."

–J.B (Law Firm, Washington, DC)