Clio Certified Partner

Hilltop Consultants is proud to be a Clio Certified Partner. This certification enables us to provide our clients with the award winning and comprehensive cloud-based practice management solution, Clio. Bar Associations and Law Societies all over the world collaborated to develop Clio to address the unique challenges specific to the legal industry.

As a Clio Certified Partner, Hilltop Consultants can help your firm create efficient, well-organized, tailored workflows. Clients who use Clio have the ability to customize calendars, note-taking, document management, task management, legal accounting, bookkeeping, and other processes.

Clio integrates seamlessly with both general business and specialized legal applications like email, NetDocuments, Google Apps, and Dropbox for Business. Incorporating all of your complex applications into one uncomplicated and intuitive platform allows for seamless time tracking, billing, administration, and collaboration for law firms of all sizes.

With Clio, Hilltop Consultants can help your company incorporate this cloud-based, mobile-friendly practice management platform, that will help you run a successful practice. Clio has the ability to create customized calendars, time tracking, note-taking, document management, task management, legal accounting, bookkeeping, billing, and more Clio and Hilltop Consultants will help your practice save money, increase billable hours, and have more efficient time tracking and invoicing.

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Clio features include:

  • Document Management
  • Document Automation
  • Legal Billing
  • Time Tracking
  • Customized Invoicing
  • Campaign Tracker
  • Payments

Clio also has seamless integrations with:

  • QuickBooks
  • Xero
  • Dropbox
  • Netdocuments
  • Good Drive
  • Box
  • Office 365
  • CaseMail
  • ALTLegal
  • AgileLaw
  • Docket Alarm
  • Lexicata
  • LawPay
Looking for a certified Clio solutions partner in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Atlanta, or Philadelphia? Contact one of our Clio solution specialists today: 1 (877) 365 8324.