Summation 5.2 to 5.6 Update

AccessData has released Summation 5.6 with numerous patches and fixes, including the addition of video transcription support. Summation 5.6 also has a new and refined user interface that focuses on document review. With the 5.6 release of Summation, we also see AccessData now offering Summation as Software as a Service (SaaS).

AccessData now offers firms a hosted instance of Summation in its recently-purchased cloud data center. The obvious benefit is this makes the solution very scalable, so more power or user licenses is only a call away. The downside of this switch is your AccessData support contract no longer includes any support for installing or upgrading the software. If you happen to need any support with installing or updating Summation, AccessData will now charge an installation fee. The problem that compounds the lack of support is that the installation notes are quite limited, and if you run into an issue, you have no support.

Due to the sparse documentation on upgrading from Summation 5.2 to 5.6, we felt it might be helpful if we outlined our update process.

-Summation 5.6 U9 installed on Server 2008 R2 x64 with IIS
-Microsoft SQL Server 2008 installed on Server 2008 R2 x64

1. Backup Database & Note database settings

  1. Log onto your Summation server using the Summation service account
  2. Run the Summation database configuration tool located at C:\Program Files\AccessData\DBConfigTool\DBCongfig.exe
  3. Click the “Backup” button and backup both the Application Database and your cases to your preferred database backup location.
  4. Highlight your database and click “Edit Configuration” and take note of your database settings. Be sure to not the value stored for the “Database Schema.” You will need this information if the update fails and you perform a clean install or need to add the database manually.

2. Download and install the Summation 5.6 update

  1. Download the Summation installer from
  2. You will find two Summation executables after you unpack the Summation 5.6 zip file
  3. DO NOT RUN “AccessData Summation (64 bit)”!” This is for express / mobile versions of Summation and will install Apache and PostgreSQL. If you accidentally run the wrong installer you will need to uninstall Summation and start from scratch.
  4. Run the “AccessData Summation Desktop” installer (make sure you are logged onto the server using the Summation service account)
  5. Enter Summation service account credentials when prompted “Domain\ServiceAccount”
  6. Enter Microsoft SQL password (This is the SA accounts password)
  7. After the system updates Summation the DBConfigTool will open
  8. Click the “Update Database” button to update the Summation database
  9. Reboot server to complete install

If your install fails, you will want to uninstall Summation and perform a clean install. Follow the same steps, but you will find that you won’t be able to connect and update the Summation database. The issue is that when you perform a clean install of Summation 5.6, it expects your database version to be 5.10.11 / ADG510, but you haven’t updated the database from 5.6 / ADG560 yet. Open the DBConfig tool, and change the Database Schema to the version you noted before the update of Summation 5.6. You can now update the database and reboot the server to complete the installation.