What is a QBR and Why Should I Have One?

What is a QBR? At Hilltop, we often hear this question, so you are not alone! QBR stands for Quarterly Business Review. During the QBR, you are able to sit down with your Account Manager and review your network health, helpdesk usage, inventory, and make sure your MSP agreement with Hilltop is accurate and fits your business needs.

What happens during a QBR Meeting?

When your Account Manager arrives, he or she will have a handful of documents to review with you. The QBR meeting incorporates the following:

  • First, we will go over your monthly invoice. This includes all of the services you receive in your MSP bundle. We can take this time to make any necessary modifications.
  • Next, we go over a Time Trend report that gives us a clean view of how many hours we are entering for your company each month. Our general goal is to be under 1 hour per user, per month. We also provide a full Service Ticket List, which provides a quick overview of each ticket.
  • Next, we review your Executive Summary, a detailed report that gives us a view of the health status for each computer and server on your network, as well as a breakdown of operating systems. This will give us an overall health score, and point out any areas that need upgrading, updating, or areas for improvement.
  • Finally, we will review a workstation and email account inventory to determine what machines are out of warranty and may need replacement, and what email accounts are no longer in use.

What are the benefits I will see after my QBR?

After your QBR, you will see several benefits. You will be more knowledgeable about your network, and you will have a clear view of what machines need to be replaced, which will help you plan your budget for the upcoming months/year. Another benefit is that we can modify your agreement according to how many users/computers you have on board at any given time. This can potentially lower your monthly bill!

When is my next QBR?

To schedule a QBR with your Account Manager, contact Hilltop today. If you feel that a quarterly meeting to review these items is too often, we are happy to modify the timeline to best fit your needs.