Hilltop Service Advisory (10.29.12)

Hilltop Consultants, Inc. is monitoring the current weather situation. We expect that over the next 48 hours, many of our clients will experience power and Internet Service Provider outages. Hilltop will be monitoring these outages and will do our best to notify our client points of contact and will contact Internet Service Providers to report problems as they arise.

Due to the expected severity of this storm, we expect significant delays in the restoration of power and Internet connectivity. We do not expect any interruption in our own services, but we do have backup systems and processes in place in the event that we do. For the safety of our staff, Hilltop technicians will not be traveling to client offices until conditions are safe for travel.

In the event that your office should experience a significant delay in the restoration of service, we have several options available to restore functionality at various levels.

  1. Restoration of service through the Hilltop Backup and Disaster Recovery System.
  2. Server collocation at our data center.
  3. Implementation of hosted Microsoft Exchange, Virtual Desktops, and cloud storage We appreciate your patience and understanding as we support our clients through this potentially unprecedented weather situation.

In the event that we can not contact clients via email or telephone, we will provide general updates via Twitter and the Hilltop Consultants Blog.