Windows 10 Upgrade or a Cyber Criminal Hacking Your Computer?

The new release of Windows 10 is causing a lot of excitement and hype within the IT community, and unfortunately there are cyber criminals that are attempting to capitalize on this new operating system release.

Hilltop Consultants and our security partners are committed to keeping you and your business safe from harm, and we have been diligently monitoring these criminal activities and their threats.

One of the recent trends that we have seen is cyber criminals disguising themselves as the Windows 10 software upgrade. These fake upgrades are coming through email addresses that are designed to look like they are being sent from Microsoft. Unsuspecting users that have been anticipating the upgrade are able to download the “Upgrade” that deploys a Cryptolocker impersonating Windows 10 and will hold all or most of the files on their computer ransom. In order to regain access to the documents the individuals must wire money to the criminals in order to get the code to access their files again. Unfortunately, once the Cryptolocker is deployed, there is very little that anyone can do to regain access without jeopardizing the files, costing you money, time, and frustration.

You must protect your data — at all costs.

Together, Hilltop and our security partners are able to stop these attacks from happening to your computer by monitoring all cyber security threats before they get to you. We can save you the time and money that these attacks can cost you and your business.

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If you have received any of these malicious emails or if you feel like your network could use additional protection against cyber threats, please contact a Hilltop Cyber Security Consultant today.