Scam Alert: "Worst Roller Coaster Accident in Sydney" Video

This latest scam has been circulating since January 2014.

This is a 'clickjacking' scam (aka survey scam). Users who click the link to view the advertised video are redirected to a fake Facebook page and asked to share the video before viewing it. After spamming their friends, users are then instructed to fill out a survey form (which is how the scammers make their money). In some cases, malicious software may be downloaded to the user's computer. At no point will the user actually get to see the advertised video, which in fact does not exist.

Whenever you're browsing your Facebook page or any websites in general, you should always look before you click. There are tons of reports in regards to videos being posted that are not actual videos, but images that are made out to look like a Youtube video (see image above). Clicking on the "video" could redirect you to a website to download trojans, viruses, and any of the other ways to compromise your computer(s).

It's another New Year to be very alert, making sure you have your antivirus up to date and running in the background, and having backups being ran every so often, if not daily.

Contact our Hilltop team if you have questions, concerns, or have fallen victim to this threat.