Scam Alert: The AMMYY Scam

The AMMYY Scam. The latest online scam.

I have come across a new scam involving the website This scam involves a phone call from a fake computer technician that can result in you losing your private information, money, and even access to your computer.

This scam begins with a call from somebody claiming to work for Microsoft. Like most online scams, this so called computer technician will have you go to a website and download their remote agent/tool onto your computer. Once done and loaded, this person will have access to your full machine. Rest assured, that most of these scams can revolve around legitimate software, such as Logmein or another popular remote tool. All this "computer technician" has to do, is have you download an remote agent, and then have you provide them with the ID so that they can have full access into your machine. Once access is gained, the ability to download spam and loads of malware infections onto your machine is possible.

Please keep in mind that no company will call you randomly and alert you of computer issues. This should be point A. Point B would be to decline the phone call.

The remote tool in question is, which is actually a legitimate remote tool that is being abused by scammers. The administrators make note of this by their latest blog post regarding the latest in online scams. You can read about that here:

If you have already given your ID or credit card information to somebody over the phone, follow these steps to prevent further damage:

  • Turn off your Internet connection, then turn off your computer.
  • Reboot your PC and run an anti-virus program (it’s possible the scammers installed malicious software).
  • If your anti-virus software shows no warnings, restart your computer again, and make sure Ammyy Admin Service isn’t installed and doesn’t run in automatic mode.
  • Remove the Ammyy software.

If you have become a victim of identity theft, whether it be from the Ammyy Scam or another source, contact various credit bureaus and change all of your passwords.

Contact our Hilltop team if you have fallen victim to this scam or any other online scam, so that we can help make sure your computer is cleaned and secured.