Scam Alert:

Yet another online scam floating around the world wide web, that we thought was important to share. Thousands of individuals every day are in need of browsing around the world wide web in search for jobs. One important website that is very popular in high demand of looking for a job is,

This online scam comes in the form of an email, which is stated to be coming from "," which is actually being masked and is really coming from, "hzt [at]"

The subject line reads, "Open Position !"

The description of the email is as follows, "We have an employment opportunity near your location, if you want to know more about it download the attached application form !"

Attached is an HTML file format, which when opened up, reveals a page for "Mystery Shopper® Market Research Application Form," along with a slot to input your personal information(Full name, email address, phone number, and permanent home address).

Upon filling out the information and clicking, "submit," you get redirected to, "," making you believe that the email actually came from

However, here is what really happens...

You open the HTML file format inside the email, fill out your personal information in hopes of finding a job, and you hit submit. Once you hit submit, instead of your application (with your personal information) going to, in reality, your personal information was just submitted to, "" No telling how many people now have your personal information. Your personal information is now being spammed across millions of websites and imagine billions of people across the world now have access to your personal contact information.

Here are some helpful tips in realizing spam/scam emails...

  • If the email obtains nothing but an image, more than likely it's a scam.
  • If the email is not in a language you can understand, more than likely it's a scam.
  • If you receive an email with an HTML file format attached, more than likely it's a scam. Legit websites would have you fill out an application online, through their secure website.
  • If spelling and text format is not correct, more than likely it's a scam.
  • When receiving an email from anyone, always check the full email address from the sender. If you don't recognize the sender and the email doesn't look right, mark it as spam and block the sender.

Contact our Hilltop team if you have fallen victim to this scam or any other online scam, so that we can help assure that your computer is clean and secure, as well as your identity.