One of our managed service clients used one of our most valuable services today. She asked for advice. This is part of our Vendor Mangement service which is included in our MSP agreements. Nothing fancy here. She received a letter in the mail from a well known patent troll. They actually tried to get her office to pay a licensing fee to prevent litigation.

Apparently the law firm represents the holder of several patents for networks and scanning. Therefore, they feel like they can shake businesses down for $9,000 or more by sending them threatening letters. Rather than rehashing the entire story, I have included a link to another website that did a great job of researching this scam.

Patent Trolling Article

If only these obviously intelligent and bold people would use their skills for more morally sound endeavors!

Once the client sent me a scan of the letter she received, I went straight to Google to figure out if it was a scam. Of course it was.

I advised our client that she was the recipient of a well known scam. However, I am not an attorney, so she could forward it to their attorney if she wanted to be sure.

I actually enjoy helping our clients with these types of issues. It helps to keep my Googling skills in shape.