SCAM ALERT: Beware of Locker Ransomware for Android

A new version of Ransomware for Android wireless devices has been identified. This version attempts to shame it’s victims into paying a $500 fine, in order to avoid embarrassment over accessing pornographic websites. This malware even snaps a picture of you with your own camera. The removal of this Ransomware is not exactly easy, but it can be done by an IT professional. If you should encounter this Ransomware, seek professional assistance.

More information can be found on the Fortinet blog.

Threats like this are scary, and potentially embarrassing. Always use caution when browsing websites, and be careful not to install software unintentionally.

Never pay ransom to these scammers. There is no indication that it will solve the problem, and sharing your credit card information online is a sure way to invite further trouble into your life.

If you have received any Ransomware emails or if you want to secure your network and data against cyber threats, please contact a Hilltop Network & Cyber Security Consultant today.