Phishing Email: Outlook Web Access Payment or Wire Confirmation

There is a phishing email going around regarding a wire confirmation on a property. Emails from these fake various parties indicate that you need to log in to get the receipt or confirmation.

Included inside the email is an attached .htm file, which appears as an Outlook Web App access login webpage, that is used to steal your actual credentials. These emails are usually coming from a compromised hosted Microsoft email account. The first red flag would be the attached .htm file. This is something that is certainly not legit. No official would have you open an attached file in regards to providing your credentials and logging in. You would be directed to a secure login page, on a hosted webpage, if the email was accurate and true.

Here is an example of what this phishing email may look like:

Subject: FW: Wire confirmation

Here is the wire confirmation for the property

Karen Boecker
8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252
Wire slip28.htm (12)

This is yet another alert to keep on your radar, especially if you're in the business of providing loans or closings on housing. So far, these scammers are targeting anyone in that sort of market. As all scams, it is always a good idea to keep these alerts on your radar, even if it is not on your scale of business. These things happen and you should be aware.