Isn't It Ironic?

A few years ago, a prospect requested consultation from me during the process of starting her own business after years of being a government official. She declined my proposal and went with what she felt was a less costly solution. Shortly thereafter, the contents of her mailbox were posted online on one of those "leaks" websites. Ironically, an entire email chain I had with her assistant was included in the leaked data.

The proposal that she declined included a migration from Gmail to Microsoft Office 365. I had discussed the benefits of Microsoft Office 365, such as Multi Factor Authentication and better vendor support. I warned the prospect of the risks of her current setup. I advised her on the steps it would take to mitigate the risks. As a former government official, she was at very high risk. I offered a clear path to avoid her being hacked. I sent the prospect and her assistant an agreement that needed to be signed so that the project could proceed. That was the last I heard from them. I figured my hourly rate was too high and that they went with one of those cheap online offers for migration.

They didn't take my advice or accept my proposal. The Gmail account got hacked.

When individuals or organizations don't secure their email systems, they are not only putting themselves at risk, they are putting their partners, clients, and vendors at risk as well. No one ever blames the hackers, as we all have seen through recent years, they blame the victim of the hack for not taking the proper steps to protect sensitive data.

My proposal has now achieved internet immortality because of the exact issue that it offered to prevent.

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