How to Protect Your Business from Cybercrimes with IT Consulting in Washington DC

When choosing an IT consulting firm in Washington DC, you need to consider their cybercrime fighting skills. Make sure that they are up-to-date on the latest security threats and cyber frauds, like Methbot, for example. And if you think a bot farm is not going to cost you money, think again. The Methbot scam has been making millions of dollars for Russian operators engaging in various types of fraud. The scheme involves fraudulent IP addresses, a bot farm that manufactures fake traffic for PPC platforms, bots watching videos, and automated web browsers. Without proper protection, threats like Methbot will ruin your business.

Age of Malware and DDoS

You have likely heard of a cyber-attack called Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS. This kind of attack overwhelms an online service/network with traffic, making it unavailable for legitimate users and disrupting operations. But it is too hard to launch an effective attack on your network, right? Mirai malware just made it a lot easier to attack any network by infecting IOT devices and creating a Mirai botnet. A Mirai botnet recently created headlines when it targeted and attacked Dyn, the large DNS provider for Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, and other major media hubs. The DDoS attack was considered the largest of its kind in American history. The Mirai code can knock websites offline and can compromise the default factory passwords of IOT devices--- that means over 60 million devices are at risk. Unlike revenue-generator Methbot, DDoS attacks do not affect ecommerce, but can hurt a company's revenue by blocking Internet access.

Ransomware as a Business

Cyber criminals attacking business networks are most likely looking for money when they are not trying to steal secrets that they can sell. And attempts to extort a ransom--- either by threatening or carrying out a DDos attack, or by infecting PCs with ransomware--- is the most common motivation behind digital attacks in 2016, according to Radware’s Global Application and Network Security Report 2016-2017. Ransom attacks are also a highly lucrative business for online criminals.

An estimated 1.5 million devices were compromised by Mirai in late 2016. The proliferation of further open source code made available by hackers has allowed new strains to infect even more devices. The malware infects systems using the Linux operating system and turns them into bots that create spam and carry out DDoS attacks. The problem calls for better security in IOT devices such as cameras, thermostats, and lighting devices.

Preparing For a DDoS Attack

Well-known security journalist Brian Krebs was targeted in the September 2016 DDoS attack. Obviously, if a top security expert can be attacked, anyone can. While it is impossible to completely prevent a DDoS attack, we at Hilltop Consultants can help you to prepare and minimize the impact of an attack with a disaster recovery plan. Your company needs to assess its risk by asking questions about how well the infrastructure is protected, and then choose a deployment method for protection. We have backed up thousands of servers and we make sure that our clients are well-prepared to overcome a disaster.

Intellectual Property Theft

Another form of cybercrime that threatens businesses is theft of intellectual property through malware, when products are fraudulently copied and sold. Due to IP theft, cyber criminals are stealing company secrets. Hilltop Consultants can help protect your intellectual property with our cloud security services. We can help assess your security risks and choose the most secure modern architecture and design for your business. You can relax and concentrate on your business since our IT consulting firm in Washington DC provides 24/7 cloud security monitoring.


The impact that malware has had on business losses can now be measured in the billions. Part of the problem is industry leaders are not taking malware very seriously and need to be better educated on security. At Hilltop Consultants, we will help protect your intellectual property from attacks and provide state-of-the-art security solutions.

If you are interested, contact us today and let us discuss how our IT consulting in Washington DC can help your business.