Has Atlanta become a reflection of the movies and television shows filmed there?

Zombies, Dystopian Societies, and Super Villains are nothing new to Atlantans. Fortunately, these threats only exist on fictional sets while being filmed in Atlanta.

Recently, a real threat revealed itself and created havoc for the city. This threat was ransomware via cyber attackers, and they successfully brought the city to its knees. There were no Super Heroes or beautiful protagonists that could save the day.

The cost to recover from these attacks will range from $3,000,0000 to $10,000,000. This is well above the initial ransom demand of $51,000.

Who could have saved the day and protected the city from these cyber villains? Hilltop!

Hilltop Consultants, with an office just outside of SunTrust Park, could have turned the tables on these cyber attackers and undone the damage they caused for a fraction of the cost of the city will ultimately pay.

No, we don’t have super powers or a time machine. Hilltop Consultants DOES have advanced business continuity solutions created by a billion-dollar company named Datto.

With these solutions, they could have turned back the clock on the ransomware infected servers and had the city back in business much faster than what was experienced.

While the city will always find a way to pay the cost to put its computers back to normal, firms and small to medium sized businesses cannot afford to be down for a week. It will be a real challenge for the city of Atlanta to come up with millions of dollars to rebuild their networks. Over 80% of businesses would have failed if they suffered a similar cyber-attack.

If Atlanta could not keep the bad guys out, what chance does the typical business have? This cyber-attack should be a wakeup call for all businesses to be prepared with their own Datto Business Continuity System.

If you need managed remote backup, disaster recovery, and data protection services and assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of certified data backup and disaster recovery consultants today.