Hackers attack on Yahoo Mail prompts to reset passwords

If you're a Yahoo Mail user, you might want to be on a lookout for a password reset notification, arriving into your mailbox within the next week.

Yahoo announces that it has detected a coordinated effort to access some email accounts, by hackers.

It appears that the attackers had not breached the Yahoo servers to collect information, but rather had logged into a number of accounts using data collected from a third party database. Most likely sold to the highest bidders among multiple hackers.

Everyone that still uses Yahoo Mail will want to be aware that you should immediately change your Yahoo password, and not just Yahoo, but all of your passwords as a security measure. This is very important if you're someone that uses the same password for multiple user accounts.

Yahoo did not state on how many accounts were affected, so it is always best to change your password to a secure password to be on the safe side, even if your account has not be compromised.

Anyone affected should have received a text or email at a backup address saying their password has been reset. If you didn't have a secondary mode of notification attached to your Yahoo Mail account, try to log in and change your password.

In regards to all of the security breaches and breaks involving Yahoo services, I'd recommend that you look for a much better and secured email service, such as Microsoft Exchange.

Email is absolutely critical to your business and even for personal use, with banking and all of your financial needs. Hilltop Consultants is one IT firm that is here to help you with making sure that your business is built around a solid and strong interface for the best possible protection from hackers. These hackers will cost your company thousands of dollars or more in wasted productivity and compromised accounts.

If your business is revolving around Yahoo Mail for email, with a Sonicwall that is over 10 years old (or no Sonicwall at all!), now is the time to get on the fast track to better security for you and your business.

Hackers are constantly at work to destroy your business and make you to become very frustrated. Hilltop Consultants is constantly working hard with our business clients to stop hackers from even bashing an eyebrow when even thinking of getting into your work environment.

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As always, contact our Hilltop team if you have questions, concerns, or have fallen victim to security threats.