Are You Looking for 'the Real' IT Services Security Team in Washington DC?

If you’re interested in keeping your business safe and secure, you might be wondering how to find the best IT services in Washington DC. Though many IT companies say they have a focus on security, why not work with one who employs a security team that rivals that of the Secret Service? Hilltop Consultants has provided high-level security to many political lobbyists in Washington, and we have developed procedures and features that will keep you safe and off of WikiLeaks. If your business is interested in working with the absolute best, make sure the IT company you choose has the following:

Multi-Factor Authentication

Email hacking is a huge problem that can lead to embarrassing leaks or dangerous theft of data or personal information. Multi-factor authentication, also known as ‘two-factor’ authentication, provides a higher level of security than traditional username and password protection. Utilizing codes provided via email or text or app notifications, multi-factor authentication adds another layer for potential hackers to get through and gives you the extra security you need.

Penetration Testing

Sometimes, you don’t know your system’s weaknesses until it’s too late. By continually testing and probing for holes and weaknesses, penetration testing alerts you and your team to potential spots of concern and allows for IT experts to make repairs before a breach occurs. Penetration testing can identify vulnerabilities in operating systems, improper configurations, risky end-user behavior, or service and application flaws.

DNS Blocking

Domain Name System blocking (DNS blocking) is a strategy used by companies offering IT services in Washington DC to make domain names or IP addresses difficult to locate on the internet. This can help keep your website secure from hackers who try to gain access.

Protection Against Malicious Web Content

Recognizing and protecting against malicious web content is vital to your system’s security. You simply cannot depend on your employees to avoid malicious sites or to recognize downloads that can affect your business. You need a protocol that can identify threats and mitigate them before they infect your system. This type of protection could include installing proper anti-virus software, training your team, or a combination of both.

Network Security Audits

Want to get the full picture of what your network security looks like and what needs to be implemented to make it more secure? A full network security audit is the best way to form a comprehensive picture of your security. When an outside firm of experts take a full look at your system, they can identify red flags and make suggestions to fill in any gaps.

The security of your IT system is vitally important, and utilizing an IT services company in Washington DC that has a high-level security team and offers the above services can help ensure your protection. Don’t make the mistake of working with an IT company that says they offer security, but only features run-of-the-mill online protection. Go with a company that has developed best practices to provide security for high-level politicians and companies that demand the highest level of protection, and here at Hilltop Consultants, we certainly fit the mold.

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