How to Execute a Painless Office Move

You are probably thinking the words “painless” and “office move” do not ever belong together. But, you can in fact achieve office move nirvana by following the right process.

Most office moves consist of re-locating to an existing location. Once you have chosen your new location and finalized your lease agreement, then the real fun begins.

Figure out your ISP and phone provider (quickly!)

Sure, you’ll have to secure a furniture moving company, but the first and most important step in your move process is determining if your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) and telephone service provider (if your phone provider is different from your ISP) deliver service to your new location. Overlooking this step and doing it too late in the process impedes your ability to have a smooth move.

If your ISP and phone service provider services your new location, then put in an order to transfer your service. Your ISP and phone service provider will provide you with a date that your services will be active at your new location. This date will determine when you can move in.

You should keep your Internet service active at both locations until after you move. This allows your IT team to test the connectivity at the new location ahead of your move-in date to ensure that everything will be working once you are moved in.

Perform an Infrastructure Assessment

Your IT Director or CIO should be part of your move team in order to perform an infrastructure assessment at your new office location to see if the network cabling is adequate for your current and future needs. Depending on how old the new office location is, the network cabling may need to be replaced. If network cabling replacement is necessary, it should be done before your ISP is scheduled to install service at your new office location.

Your IT team should also perform an assessment of your current network. If you have equipment (servers, switches, workstations, etc.) that is out of warranty or that needs to be replaced, this will be a good time to replace it.

Try to move on a weekend

To minimize the impact to business operations, Hilltop recommends moving on a weekend and closing the office on the Friday before the move. Your employees should have all their belongings boxed and labeled by close of business on Thursday. Only the office move team along with the furniture movers should be in the office on move day. This will remove unnecessary interference and traffic and make the move more efficient.

There is more planning that goes into an office move, but if you take the above steps into consideration early in the planning, it will make the move much more painless than it otherwise would be!