Control Z – Undo Almost Anything

Did you know?

You might be used to clicking Edit > Undo in a Word document or other text program. You also may have known that the keyboard combination of “ctrl” (“control”) and “Z” (referred to as “Ctrl-Z”) also performed Undo without having to use the mouse to click the menu items.

BUT…did you know that Ctrl-Z can also help you out in “general windows” functions too? Deleted a file accidentally? Ctrl-Z can reverse it most of the time. Renamed a file accidentally? Ctrl-Z will reverse that most of the time.

The next time you make a mistake in Windows, try Ctrl-Z to see if it reverses it. You have to be watching the screen closely when you do it as it may change something you didn’t expect!

Ctrl-Z has been my buddy for a long time! It saves a tone of time and work. Give it a try.