10 Ways to Increase Productivity

This is my list of 10 ways to use technology to increase productivity in your office.

  1. Use dual screens or extra large displays. Stop toggling between programs, have more than one program open and displayed at a time.
  2. Get a better Uninterruptible Power Supply for your office equipment. Don't let temporary power events shut down your network.
  3. Implement Remote Desktop Services, Citrix, or LogMeIn, so that you can access your data and programs from home. VPN's are slow and clumsy.
  4. Use Dropbox to synchronize documents (not financial, medical, HR, or other sensitive sensitive documents) on your computer with your wireless devices.
  5. Get a faster Internet connection, or better yet, get two Internet connections. Your office can not afford to be offline if one goes down. If you have business class cable internet available in your office, you can greatly increase your bandwidth for less than $200 per month.
  6. Max out the memory in your computers and servers. RAM is super cheap now. Your computers will boot up faster and Outlook will hang less often.
  7. Setup a spare computer in the office that can be used by employees that have computer problems. It takes time to fix hardware and software problems. Having a loaner computer lets your employee be productive while the technicians do their thing.
  8. Reboot your computer a few times a week. Rebooting clears our your memory and allows the installation of Windows Updates to complete.
  9. Get rid of the wireless keyboard and mouse. Sure, they look cool, but who has time to change the batteries.
  10. Upgrade your office computers to Windows 7, not Windows 8. Trust me on this one.