Interested in a Free Network Assessment?

When is the last time that you had your network assessed or audited for problems?

The first step in a successful Hilltop Consultants Managed Services engagement is to assess the network of the client. Hilltop uses a suite of assessment tools which can identify problems on networks that are often difficult to identify manually. Our tools also provide insight into the general upkeep of the network.

If you suspect that there are issues with your network, you are probably right. Sometimes it is helpful to have a new set of eyes assess your network to find out whether or not it is being properly maintained.

A Hilltop Network Assessment can reveal the following:

  • Inconsistent Security Policies
  • Misconfigured Servers
  • Insecure Networks
  • Poorly Maintained Networks
  • Expired Passwords
  • Unused Accounts
  • Unnecessary Software
  • Incomplete Backups
  • Slow Networks
  • Expired Warranties
  • Out of Date Software
  • Inadequate Controls
  • Inappropriate Network Usage
  • Compromised Servers
  • Evidence of Hackers

The results of all Hilltop Network Audits are kept strictly confidential.

Request a Free Network Assessment here.