Is Your Business Ready to Migrate to Microsoft Office 365?

Your business may be thinking about migrating to Microsoft Office 365. Many businesses are moving away from hosting their own Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint.

While Microsoft has greatly improved the available migration tools, they are not 100% complete. There are many factors to take into consideration before beginning your migration. Our Microsoft Office 365 Readiness Assessment Service looks at all factors that can affect the success or failure of your Microsoft Office 365 Migration.

Hilltop Consultants, Inc. has migrated dozens of businesses to Microsoft Office 365. We have developed a process that requires no downtime, no risk of data loss, and consistently delivers great results for our clients.

We have migrated clients from other hosted Exchange providers like Rackspace, AppRiver, as well as IT companies that attempted to become hosting providers. We have also migrated many business from their own less than perfect on-premise Exchange servers.

Microsoft Office 365 is a great service for many businesses, but it does have it's shortcomings. Save your business a lot of time and headaches by contacting Hilltop before you attempt to migrate on your own.