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What is the difference between a vCIO and my Account Manager?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Hilltop is “What is the difference between a vCIO and my Account Manager?”. Well, guess what? We have an answer for you!

Your Account Manager is your day to day advocate for any issues that may arise. Your Account Manager also coordinates purchases and handles upgrades for your firm, based on how they align with your plan.

The “plan” part is where your vCIO comes in. Your vCIO and Network Admin review your network infrastructure, your processes and policies and make sure they align with Hilltop standards.

We know that this cannot be done quickly. Your vCIO and Account Manager will review the findings of this review each quarter during your QBR. We will focus on the most pressing items and work out a plan and get you the quote during your timeframe.

Some items may not be pressing and might be something that you, your AM, and your vCIO agree that they will be implemented in the future. Your vCIO will work with your AM to create a customizable 3-year business plan for your firm. As technology and business changes, so do these plans. Your vCIO and AM understand these challenges and will make sure your firm is kept in alignment with every purchase and decision that is made about your technology.

During your firm’s review, your vCIO will ask questions such as: Do you have an acceptable usage policy for mobile devices or computers? Do you have a requirement that all mobile devices that have your firms email have a password on it? The review process will help assess and prioritize issues that need to be addressed and will help form a solid timeline to find solutions.

You will now have a dedicated Network Administrator who will have complete ownership of your network. They will complete these reviews every quarter and are in constant communication to the vCIO and AM about the status of your network and infrastructure.

We believe these changes will create a new way of managing your firm. We will implement a plan that will move your firm away from the reactive. Together, we will deliver you the proactive industry leading service that you are due.

For more information, or to set up an appointment for a review, contact your Hilltop Account Manager or contact us.

Author: Daniel Williams, Director of Network Administration