What technology does a lobbying firm need to succeed?

Hilltop helps many lobbying firms with their technical needs. We have found that there are a few technologies which can really help firms stand out amongst their competitors and better service their clients.

  1. Rackspace Virtual Servers and Desktops allow our clients to access their data and programs from anywhere they can connect to the Internet. It does not matter if our clients are using a Mac or a PC, or even an iPad. They can remote control a Virtual Desktop that is able to run the programs they need. Virtual Desktops are secure, reliable, and allow our lobbyist clients to access all of their data, whenever they need it.
  2. Rackspace Hosted Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 are the best email system for professionals. Inexpensive POP or IMAP systems are relics that have no place in the modern office. Microsoft Exchange used to be cost prohibitive for a smaller firm, but that is no longer the case. Microsoft Exchange allows for full synchronization of your email folders, contacts, calendars, and most importantly, your Sent Items folder. You can access all of your email data from multiple computers and wireless devices with full synchronization. Hosted Microsoft Exchange is compatible with your iPhone, Blackberry, and Android wireless devices. It can also be accessed securely from hotel business centers and Internet Cafe's. While we see promise in Gmail, it does not currently provide all of the functionality that Microsoft Exchange does.
  3. Dropbox for Business is a great service for synchronizing your documents between your office computers and wireless devices. Dropbox for teams is an inexpensive way to share your documents with your team, without the need to purchase an expensive server.

It is easy to see how these technologies can help a lobbying firm. The reason that many firms have not yet adopted these cloud solutions, is that they just don't know how. They may be concerned about downtime, security, or how to manage all of these technologies.

This is where Hilltop comes in. Hilltop has partnered with the major providers of cloud services and hosted Microsoft Exchange. We have migrated dozens of firms to these solutions. We handle all of the details for you, and make sure that you do not have any downtime. The Hilltop helpdesk manages, monitors, and provides support for these services 24/7/365, so that you never have to worry that your lobbying firm will be disconnected from the data and programs you need. We manage the technology, so that you can manage the needs of your clients.

Hilltop Consultants, Inc. is the only DC based IT Consulting and Managed IT Services firm that has secured partnerships with Rackspace, Microsoft, and Dropbox. Our strong relationships with these cloud service providers makes Hilltop the best choice to move your lobbying firm to the cloud and to support your firm once it is there.