Spotlight: iManage Work

iManage Work is an efficient and easy-to-use solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of professional services firms and in-house legal departments. iManage Work allows the user to access work product files from any device and collaborate with colleagues in a secure environment. All emails and documents can be managed in a matter-centric manner and accessed according to pre-set protocols. Content is fully searchable, ensuring all the relevant information is easy and quick to find.

We asked one of our Hilltop in-house iManage experts, Eric Boxler, to give us a product review. Eric is our Senior Project Engineer and works closely with clients on the implementation and use of iManage products. He is also one of our iManage Certified System Engineers!

The new iManage Work user interface enables the platform to work the same across all your devices, and more of them, too! iManage Work leverages the new web interface, making it scalable to your iPhone or iPad and flexible to run on your Macintosh. iManage has solved the challenges that are presented when trying to change the way members of a firm are used to working. iManage Work allows the user to install their classic Filesite or Desksite application side-by-side the new Work interface. This provides a more intuitive interface that predicts what the user is looking for, while providing the same classic context menus and workflows that users are familiar with. The feedback I have received from end users has been positive and users are finding the Work interface very helpful.

iManage Work also enables individuals to seamlessly shift between working offline and online. All documents are automatically cached to the local profile on their device. As an example, if a firm’s network goes down, users can continue to work on their PC. When the network is back up, Work will detect that the user is back online, and give the user an action to sync the changes and/or create a new version of the documents they were working on at the time. For business continuity, this is an excellent feature.

The iManage control center (IMCC) is revolutionizing managing a DMS. The IMCC provides an intuitive web-based interface replacing the need for traditional management tools; similar to Microsoft’s 2016 Exchange admin panel. You can now grant admin access to helpdesk, or an end user, with limited management functionality. Administering iManage has never been easier, it even has a trash bin to recover documents. Work 10 offers ‘soft’ deletion of documents – this means that even though a document may have been deleted, either in error or otherwise, should the user require that file in the future, the solution administrator will be able to recover it at a later date. As a legal MSP, this allows us to train and administer iManage to new on-boarding technicians without allowing them to break the system!

With the new web-based user interface and administration control panel, iManage has been able to transform into a cloud first company; similar to Microsoft with Office 365. The new per-user subscription model provides full access to the iManage Work suit of products, so you can use the system any way you want to anywhere in the world. This fits very well with the MSP model allowing firms to look at IT from a per-user cost model and reducing capital expenditures. (I have yet to meet a lawyer that likes buying servers!) This also makes iManage Work very accessible and scalable to firms of all sizes as firms no longer need to build out on-premises environments to have access to iManage’s world class DMS.

For us, technology is all about making life easier. iManage Work improves efficiency and productivity and allows users to focus on the more critical aspects of their work.

If you would like to discuss iManage Work implementation, contact us!