Onsite Tech Support (Is Not Dead)

Hilltop has noticed a disturbing trend in Tech Support. Many Managed Service Providers (MSP's) do not want to go onsite to fix problems or help users anymore.

As the president of Hilltop, and as someone that has been personally providing technical support to end users for over 20 years, I think this is ridiculous. I do agree that the majority of issues can be resolved remotely by qualified Helpdesk personnel, sometimes it is better for the client to just send someone onsite to fix the problem.

If an end user is having problems, they are probably already frustrated by the time they call the Helpdesk. If the Helpdesk can not fix the problem remotely, the user needs someone onsite.

I understand that some Managed Service Providers are reducing their costs by using remote support only. What is the point of reducing costs, if it is going to further frustrate and possibly drive the client away? If you can not fix the problem remotely, send a tech onsite. It is better to send the tech, lower the frustration level, and keep the client happy.

If the only way that the MSP can maintain profitability is by frustrating clients, the MSP needs to fix their business model. No amount of slick sales and marketing can bring in enough new clients each month that the MSP can afford to lose their existing clients by denying onsite support.

If you are working with another MSP, or other Tech Support company that will not send a tech onsite when you need them, contact Hilltop today. We can schedule a FREE Network Assessment to find out whether or not your firm is a good fit for our version of Managed Services.