Does Your Current IT Services Provider in Washington DC Focus on Law Firms?

A Specific Concentration

IT services in Washington DC have this eccentricity: the most reliable local options will have a concentration which revolves around legal needs. Modern technology can definitely make legal functions less difficult, but with any technological innovation comes problems which must be surmounted for reliability. Certainly, data is easier to manage with computers than it is without. But the security of that information can be compromised if it isn't directly considered in tech applications.

Ease of Accessibility

It shouldn’t be difficult for you to access the ubiquity of information which naturally silhouettes any legal situation. But in accessing that data, it shouldn’t be compromised. There are legal difficulties which arise from poor security, and if you think high-powered law firms are immune, perhaps it may be profitable to examine the nation’s most recent presidential election. The Clinton campaign was beset with difficulties because that particular DNC candidate didn’t exercise proper conduct when it came to information in pertinence to the nation’s security. As the election gained steam, these activities were subject to greater scrutiny. In legal cases at any level, this aspect of operations will very likely play a role in court proceedings. So, you need ease of accessibility, but this shouldn’t come in compromise to regular security measures.

Data Backup and Recovery

There’s no IT agency that can entirely do away with Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. The best you can expect are built in contingency measures designed to deal with the unexpected. IT services in Washington DC should have backup and recovery options which maintain data against unexpected losses and facilitate simple retrieval of data in a timely manner. Contingent to these qualifications will be provisions for business continuity.

When the unexpected occurs, there often isn’t time for a complete system reset. There should be a secondary option which can be accessed even as the primary one is being recovered. This secondary option should be backed up contemporary with any updates occurring during regular operations.


More than ever, cyber criminals are affecting businesses large and small all over the IT map. This trend is expected to continue as business becomes more and more digital. Definitely, you’re going to come in contact with some form of cybercrime pertaining to your legal practice. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of how--- at least, that’s what the statistics seem to indicate.

Imagine working with a client who represents a "witness" against concerted illegal activities at high levels of government. It’s the prerogative of such rogue government elements to protect their interests. This protection will likely involve hacking of attorneys in prosecution against them--it’s a no-brainer. Whether that hacking is successful or not is another thing entirely. An IT services firm local to the area which understands this business environment will have protections built-in to its services model.

Legally-Focused IT Provision

Several primary characteristics of tech support aimed at legal practices include:

  • Ease of access
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Cybercrime protections

IT services in Washington DC  which feature these concentrations will serve to protect, stabilize, and sustain legal operations. Understanding the business climate of the District of Columbia, we at Hilltop Consultants, Inc. offer services designed to provide law firms the support they need.

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