Computers + Intensity = Computensity

Is your network support company or helpdesk intense? Are they tenacious? Will they attack computer and network issues non-stop until they are resolved? Does your IT consultant fight battles with your vendors on your behalf? Do the IT people you depend on have "Computensity"?

It is tough to find really smart computer guys that have these attributes. This is why it is important to have technology management that does have these attributes.

Recently, one of our clients was affected by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) outage. The ISP could not provide an estimated time for the restoration of service. To make matters worse, we could not get through to the ISP technician that was assigned to the problem.

Hilltop worked through the weekend to ensure that service would be restored for this client. We called the ISP no less than 15 times. We Tweeted them about the problem several times. We connected to as many as their executives as we could on LinkedIn. We even searched our mailboxes for any reference to the ISP and emailed any sales rep from the ISP that ever communicated with us about becoming a partner.

It was amazing how fast the ISP resolved the issue once the Director of their Channel Partner Division got involved.

Your ISP connection is very important. Without it, your users may not be able to send or receive email with your clients. Your remote backups will not complete, and your office will not be able to access the Internet. And your mobile workforce, forget about getting any work out of them while your ISP is down.

The president of Hilltop has coined a phrase. "Computensity" is the level of intensity it takes to manage the computers for a business. If your network support company or helpdesk don't have "computensity", you should be talking to Hilltop.