Beware of Getting Misdiagnosed by Uninformed IT Support Providers in DC!

It can be quite a challenge as a business owner to know that you’re getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to your managed service provider.  If your IT support provider in DC is delivering the goods the way in which you would want, how do you know this?  Are they keeping up with the latest and greatest regarding technology advancements?  Do they give you sound advice to help push forward your information technology infrastructure?  Even if you think that your current managed service provider is ideal, you may be missing out on the fact that they’re severely behind the eight ball.

You always want to challenge those who you rely on most as a business owner.  When you get comfortable with one of your providers, whether it be those managing your information technology or something else, it’s then that things can become complacent, fall behind the times.  Challenging the status quo is simply a way to do a gut check, to make sure that you are getting the value that you honestly think exists.  What you may find when you do this is eye opening.

The Work Ethic of Your Provider

Is the IT support provider in DC that you’ve got working for you putting in the effort that you would expect? How successful are they as a company, even if they seem to be doing well with helping your business in its current state?  Are they national?  Do they have the hours available to get out to all of the big trade shows across the country?

These are some of the questions that you’re going to want to ask of your managed service provider.  You want to know that they’re putting in the work and have the capacity to do so to not only help themselves but your company as well.  When you have a managed service provider that just keeps it status quo, that’s not out there learning the latest regarding technology advancements… you’ll fall behind.

The Information Technology Game is Huge

As a business owner, information technology is huge for you.  You can’t afford to have a managed service provider that just gets by with doing what they have done for the last decade.  The cloud is here, and if you’re not being advised to start to take advantage of it and to do so now, then chances are you’re already falling behind many of the competitors in your industry.  The information technology game is huge--- it’s as simple as that--- and the companies that understand this are those that push for it to help them succeed.

Managed service providers should be working for you, learning along the way, and trying to improve your information technology infrastructure in a continuous improvement fashion.  If your IT support provider in DC isn’t doing that, it may be time to challenge that status quo and seek out someone that can put in the effort you need.

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