Support Provider Transition Information

This is a list of information that you should obtain from an outgoing IT support provider. Hilltop often provides this list to new clients so that they can request the information from the outgoing IT company.

Hilltop is in the process of on boarding a DC law firm right now, and the current IT provider has not been able to provide this information after ten days. Don't let your firm be put in this position.

As an Office Manager, Firm Administrator, or CFO, you should have access to all of this information, even if you are not currently considering making a change to your IT support. If your IT person does not have all of this information, they are not prepared to support your office in the event of a disaster. Make sure that your IT support provider has all of this information documented ahead of time.

If there are additional items that you think should be added to the list, please post a comment.

  • Server Administrative Passwords
  • Workstation Administrative Passwords
  • Software Licenses and Product Keys (username and password for licensing portals)
  • Firewall Passwords
  • Router Passwords
  • Multi Function Network Printer/Scanner Username and Passwords
  • Domain Registrar Account Number and Password
  • Web Host Account Number and Password
  • Account Information for Internet Service Providers
  • Account Information for any Hosted Services (Spam Filters, Salesforce, Net Documents, Dropbox)
  • Any Network Documentation
  • Any Warranty Information (Dell Support Username and Password)
  • Antivirus Account Information
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery System Documentation
  • Emergency Contact Information (HVAC, Alarm Monitoring, Plumber, Building Management)