Challenge Accepted Jeff Bezos!

In order to keep Hilltop Consultants as the leader in tech support for law firms, trade associations, lobbyists, and other professional services firms in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virgina), we are announcing our our road map for the delivery of tech support.

We already provide same day onsite support for any issue not resolved by our DC based 24/7 Helpdesk. For Level 1 Server issues, we currently get onsite within an hour, traffic permitting. If Amazon plans on delivering products sold on their website within 30 minutes using drone technology, why can't Hilltop deliver techs onsite to our clients immediately?

Therefore I am announcing the Hilltop Consultants, Inc plans on launching our Instant Teleportation (IT) service some time in the future. We are not exactly sure of the date yet, as the technology does not exist. However, Jim's daughter Maddy plans on inventing this technology after she finishes college and grad school in roughly 15 years. Once we have completed the launch of the IT service, our onsite technicians and consultants will be able to teleport to your location immediately to assist you with your computer malfunction.

At Hilltop, we know that we can never stop improving, even when we are still working on the improvements. This is why we are also announcing the next big thing in service delivery. Hilltop Consultants, Inc. also plans on launching our Instant Replay Service (IR). Hilltop IR will utilize Time Travel technology. Why wait until you have a computer problem to have it fixed? With Hilltop IR, our technicians will be able to determine the point in time that an end user clicked the delete button, travel back in time, and intervene.

The estimated launch date for Instant Replay is roughly ten years later than Instant Teleportation. The technology has not been developed for time travel but Jim's son David plans on inventing this technology roughly 25 years from now. There are also some legal issues about violating the Prime Directive, but we plan on resolving these issues by 2033.

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In your face Jeff Bezos...

Obviously this post is written as a joke. We can already do all of this stuff!

Hilltop Consultants, Inc. already has the ability to provide immediate tech support to our Managed Service clients via our 24x7x365 Helpdesk. We also have the ability to go back in time on your server to restore it to any point after an accidental deletion or server malfunction the using Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery. We can bring your server back to the way it worked in the past in a matter of minutes.

The future is now with Hilltop Consultants, Inc.

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