Flat Rate 24X7 Helpdesk for Law Firms

The three most common complaints I hear from law firms about their outsourced IT helpdesk are:

  1. Helpdesk techs are incompetent
  2. Helpdesk is not responsive enough
  3. The billing is unpredictable and just too expensive

The DC based Hilltop 24X7 Helpdesk was built to solve these three problems. Our Helpdesk is staffed by the same qualified consultants that provide onsite tech support to our legal clients. This means that the tech that answers the phone and performs your initial diagnosis, is the same tech that will come on site if the problem cannot be solved. Very often, they are able to come on site the same day. The fact that these techs are focused on solving one problem at a time, allows them to reach a level of competency on your network that cannot be surpassed by any firm that is unable to staff their Helpdesk with local techs that can really get to know your firm. Remote Helpdesks in other parts of the country are just inadequate for DC law firms.

In order to be responsive to the DC law firm market, a Helpdesk needs to be able to respond quickly. This means that the techs need to be local, and there needs to be enough of them. Hilltop's techs are based out of DC, not the DC area. They are really located in DC within one block of the Red Line. This means that in an emergency, they can hop on the Metro or into a cab and be at your office, helping your attorneys in minutes, not hours, and certainly not days.

Finally, what is the point of having a "flat-rate" Helpdesk that charges every time a service ticket needs to be escalated? Why should your firm pay more because the Tier 1 technician at the remote Helpdesk could not figure out the problem? At Hilltop, Flat-Rate means Flat-Rate. There is no additional charge if a senior engineer needs to assist the tech on the Helpdesk. While other Helpdesks may offer lower prices, if the rate is not a true Flat-Rate, you are going to pay more.

It is not too late put your law firm on the path to a better 24X7 Flat-Rate Helpdesk solution. Contact me today to schedule a no-obligation, free network assessment. Let's find out if the Hilltop Flat-Rate Helpdesk is the solution your firm has been looking for.