Migrating from Rackspace Hosted Exchange to Office 365

Hilltop Consultant Bob Lindemann figured out an interesting problem this week. We recently migrated a client from Rackspace hosted Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Office 365. This client uses iPhones and iPads. Even though the old hosted Exchange accounts were deleted from the wireless devices before adding the new Office 365 accounts, the wireless devices exhibited some weird symptoms.

Messages on the devices were opening very slowly. The problem occurred whether the client was connected to WiFi or their 3G carrier.

We went through the troubleshooting steps listed on many websites and blogs. We also contacted Microsoft to find out if perhaps there was an issue with their Activesync or the servers where these mailboxes were hosted. All of the tests that we conducted passed just fine.

Finally, we decided to try wiping the devices and reconfiguring the Microsoft Exchange accounts. This fixed the problem.

It was pretty strange that we had to do this. Fortunately, the devices continued to work after we restored them from iCloud.